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 E SERIES 1830 x 3660

Cutting area 1850mm x 3850mm 
Maximum Cutting Speed 400mm per second 
Positioning Speed 400mm per second  
Maximum Material Thickness 140mm 
Gantry Clearance 150mm 
Z Axis Stroke 225mm 
Drive System Servo Controlled Ballscrews 
Machine Resolution Ballscrew distance accuracy +/- .05mm/300mm (C7) 
Power Requirements Machine 416V, 16A  Vacuum Hold Down 416V, 16A 
Overall Dimensions 4556mm L x 2405mm W x 1661mm H 
Standard Features TekMov Machine Controller and Firmware 
   8kW HSD Spindle 
 Steel Slat T Slot Table Top 
 7.5kW Vacuum Holddown Pump 
 High Velocity Dust Extractor Foot 
 Automatic Tool Length Sensor 
 Spindle Speed
 ProfileLab 2-D software 
 CE Certification 

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PCO022 Material Thickness Sensor
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PCO032 Barcode Reader
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PCO037 Spindle Speed Controller/Reverser
PCO040 Table Valve Assembly
PCO041 Labyrinth Table Top
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