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TekMOV Controller Features
Easy to Learn
Online Help gives the operators and technicians access to the entire Owners Manual on screen.
Open Architecture system, using Industry Standard HPGL 2 Instruction Set
2D, 21/2D, and 3D plot files fully supported
3D Profiling Software allows both AutoCarve and sweep-pass style 3D profiling
Interactive Plot Spooler (DNC Link) allows you to store as many cutting jobs as you like on your graphics computer, and sends them to the controller when needed
100% error free DNC ( Direct Numerical Control ) style communications link
Plot files saved on Disk. Plotting a file from the graphics program to the hard disk
saves download time, and frees up the program to continue working without delay
Job Storage capacity limited only by hard disk space
When the job is being cut, it is sent to the controller transparently in the background
while other applications are running
Multiple machines can be controlled from one host computer
Units can be set up as mm or Inches
Motion Error Detection stops motion when following error of servos exceeds user specified set point. This safeguards against troubles caused by dull toolbits, stalled spindles, crashing into clamps cutting too fast etc. Saves material
Multiple Origins, up to 8 Origins can be stored on the system, allowing quick changeover to different jigs for production work
Origin Lock prevents Operators inadvertently changing origin during operation
Tool Bit Offset Support so that pen and spindle or multiple spindles can cut from same origin
Material thickness, Job Origin can be embedded in Plot File reducing setup and possible errors in production environment
Controller Hardware Features
Controller compatible with AC and DC Servo or stepper motors
Large Graphic LCD Screen, Backlit for easy viewing in bad lighting conditions.
Membrane Key Switches sealed from harsh environments
5 Speed joystick for ease of positioning, gives much better controllability than push buttons
Firmware is stored in Flash Eprom, for easy updating
New versions of firmware can be sent via email or retrieved from FTP site
5 User Defined Relays
RS-232 Serial link between computer and machine, no need for special interface cards
Graphics / DNC link Host Computer can be up to 200 meters from the machine with the use of inexpensive serial line driver / isolator cards
Material thickness sensor automatically senses the top of the material
Tool length sensor automatically locates end of toolbit This minimizes tool change setup time, and enables precise cutting to table bed
Machine Control
Homing sequence during power-up establishes the reference origin of the machine
Homing Sequence on Power up allows software squaring of dual drive gantry
Crashproof System Can't jog out of bounds
Jogging override during homing allows manual override to speed up initialization process
Job Origin is stored on Hard disk, allowing job restart after power failure. Automatic Power Failure Recovery.
Ultimate Jogging Control with user definable High and Low Speed ranges, 1/10 speed scaling function for accurate positioning
X and Y Axis can be jogged together or one at a time
X and Y Axis Job origin can be set together or one at a time
Spindle Position Readout on Operator Console allows you to know where the spindle is during jogging
2 decimal place position readout on Z axis for precise depth control
User Defined Park Location allows gantry to be moved out of the way for loading and unloading with the press of one button
Speed can be locked after adjustment, or free to read next speed command
Z Axis speed can be adjusted
Rapid Plunge Z Axis above material
XY Cutting Speed can be adjusted while cutting.
Job can be paused and resumed during cutting
Searching within a Job
Search Function allows re-cutting of shapes
Simply push Search button, and move from shape to shape with the joystick
The machine can search through a job so that when it is started,
it can continue from any desired point
- search by shape
- search by change of depth
- search by vector within a shape
- search by nearest point to spindle (Proximity Restart)
Job Management
Jobs are selected from Operator Interface, using Windows 95 Long Filename format
Job files can be stored in sub directories on the hard disk, making it easy to keep them organized
Jobs can be deleted from the Operator interface
Scrolling Job List sorts jobs by name or date, making for fast selection
Job elapsed time is displayed, allowing job chargable time to be calculated easily
Spindle Operation Time is logged
Minor and Major Service Interval warnings shown on Operator Interface panel when timed out
User definable maintenance intervals
Auto Tool Change Features
Tool pick - up locations x, y & z are user configurable, to permit easy fine tuning

Support for Stop signal from Spindle allows sensing of Spindle Rotation, ensuring spindle has stopped spinning before doing a tool change. Tool change can start immediately after spindle stops, eliminating delay which would be necessary without the sensor

Tool Rack Lift and Lower is controlled from the Operator Panel, to permit loading of tools
Rack lifts automatically during the cutting of the the job
Software controlled Spindle RPM. Allows precise Spindle RPM control, gets the most out of the toolbits
Allows low RPM clean - up passes for better edge finish and toolbit life
Low Air Pressure Sensing and warning. Prevents machine from continuing operation if air fails. ( Air pressure failure would prevent tool changer operating correctly)
Steered Horizontal router support
Steered Knife Features
Settings for resolution offset after wake up
Speed and acceleration of the steered head limit XY speed as required
Knife overcut at start of path to accommodate width of blade
Engraving Support
Autocad HPGL file parsing
Upper left origin
!VZ active from tool up pos
Spooler watches for files in the Job Folder, and runs them, and erases them when done
Quick Set Z Mode