Tekcel CNC Solutions

Tekcel profile cutters are computer aided manufacturing machines at the forefront of information technology. Our products harness the “brains” of the microprocessor and couple it to the “brawn” of the mechanical world to create intelligent machinery for fast, efficient production. Each Tekcel machine is designed and built with the end user in mind, emphasizing ease of operation, increased output, accuracy, and of course, safety.

CADlink Software

Tommotek has been distributing CADlink Products in Australia since 1988.  Please click on the products below for more information.

Tommotek Motion Controllers

Tommotek Motion Controllers are designed and built at our factory in Western Australia.

Tommotek controllers are very versatile, able to control machines that cut a wide variety of materials, using a wide variety of cutting heads. They are easily configured selecting the appropriate motors, power amplifiers, and adjusting the settings in the firmware. If you have a Retrofit or OEM application for Profile cutting of any sort, there's a configuration that's right for you.