About Tommotek

Tommotek's Ideas in Motion began in Ottawa, Canada in 1983. In the early years, the company was involved in the designing and building of special purpose production machinery. With the arrival of personal computers in the mid eighties, Tommotek embarked on a development program to use this desktop power to control machinery. Tommotek designed and built a motion controller and a flat bed engraver which became our first prototype machine in 1987. The technology used to drive this engraver was adapted to create the first commercial product, the 'Fastboard' and 'CADlink' programs to drive Gerber Vinyl Cutting machines.

Tommotek relocated to Australia in 1988, where the Company established itself as a prominent supplier of CADlink SignLab software to the Australian signmaking industry. The first 'Tekcel' routing machine was introduced to the sign industry in 1992 and that premiere machine continues to produce signs today. Since that time, our market driven products have evolved to suit applications in additional industries such as Woodworking, Plastics and Metal working. The controllers and machines we produce are at the forefront of manufacturing technology, harnessing the 'brains' of the microprocessor and the 'brawn' of the mechanical world to create intelligent machinery for fast, efficient, economical production. They have been installed in many factories in Australia, United Kingdom, Asia and countries around the world. Tommotek's Tekcel profile cutting machines produce signs, kitchens, furniture, giftware, wetsuits, windows, musical instruments and countless other products, day in and day out.

We have a highly motivated, dedicated team, who are skilled in mechanical engineering, electronics design, software programming, production, marketing and administration. Our factory and offices are equipped with the latest software and hardware technologies needed to get the job done efficiently to exacting standards.