Feature Summary
ProfileLAB has features specific to all types of profile cutting machines. Check the colour coded summary column for features used on your machine.











Graphics Creation and Editing Features          
Digitizer or mouse input P P P P P
Graphics Creation and Editing in PolyArc or Bezier mode P P P P P
Advanced Node Editing (Specify XY Coordinates polar/cartesian/relative/absolute) P P P P P
Weld & Outline shapes P P P P P
Rotate / move / resize shapes, Polar and Rectangular Arrays, Snap to Grid P P P P P
Instant Replay allows recall of shape editing P P P P P
Multiple Undo / Redo P P P P P
Lock / Unlock Shapes to prevent editing errors P P P P P
Dimension Lines, Notes P P P P P
Text Editing with True Type font Support P P P P P
36 Import / Export Filters including DPF, G Code, EPS,PLT P P P P P
Cut, Copy, Paste shapes from within ProfileLAB or from other programs P P P P P
Close Path & Node Reduction function to clean up imported graphics P P P P P
High Resolution Zoom for exact editing P P P P P
Find file P P P P P
Auto Save / Auto Load files P P P P P
Context sensitive online help P P P P P
Driver Support for over 100 machines P P P P P
Vectorize scanned images for contour cutting, centerline tracing P P P P P
Special Effects
Distortions, Multi Outlining, Single Colour Welds, Round Corner P P P P P
Professional Text Compose
Support for TTY,Adobe, Corel fonts P P P P P
Auto kerning of text P P P P P
Machine Cutting Path Control Features
Tool Library supports unlimited user defined tools from 11 tool types P P P P P
Material Library supports unlimited user specified material definitions P P P P P
Machine Path Creation
Online, male, female, and open contour toolbit offset compensation P P P P P
Pocket fill using sweep, line, spiral, island patterns P
Drill center, point, matrix, on contour, corners P P P P P
Auto Tool Change Support P
Settings stored in user defined Templates for Cutting Path Creation
Template editing lock (on/off)
Toolbit selection for basic, fill, flange and cleanup tool
Feed rate, plunge rate, spindle speed / power level, dwell time P P P P P
Feedrate and Power control on corners (Speed %, Power %, Distance) P P P P P
Cutting Direction (clockwise, counterclockwise) P P P P P
Multi pass depth including first / last pass P P P P
Corner rounding control for Inlaid Part creation (on /off,radius) P P P P P
Toolpath Cornering Style ( sharp or roll) P
Flange (on /off, width, height) P P P P P
Clean up Pass (on / off, amount) P P P P P
Bridging (on/off width, height, style, quantity, distribution) P
Auto Bridge removal ( on/off) P
Lead in / out (on/off, Arc, Line, Length, Overlap, Ramp, Helix, ZigZag) P P P P P
Machine Path Editing Control
Advanced Bridge placement control P P P P P
Enhanced Sorting / Sequencing P P P P P
Advanced Start Point Control P P P P P
Advanced Lead in / Lead out Control P P P P P
Show Tool Path Direction, Start point, Colour by template, tool depth etc. P P P P P
NC Manager / Output Editor P P P P P
3D Machining Simulation
Add on Modules
3D Module
3D Chisel effect cutting using Vee Bit tool. P
Fixed Depth flat bottom Chiselled shapes (Multi tool support). P
Photomachine cuts 3D relief from greyscale image P
Bevelling toolpath creation for raised 3D Letters and shapes P
Shape Nesting
Fit maximum number of shapes onto material P P P P P
Fit shapes onto odd shapes of scrap P P P P P
Shape Linking P P P P
Start cutting path at edge of sheet P P P P
Link shapes together for continuous cutting, eliminating penetrations P P P P
Create cutting path to internal shapes
Parametric Door Creation
Resize Door, automatically regerate Pattern,Toolpaths, and plot files. P