Chop Stop

Cutoff Saw CNC Measuring Stop

This cut-off saw attachment can be fitted to straight and miter cut saws, increasing productivity, reducing error, and making the workday easier.  The operator simply keys in the length of the piece that he wants to cut, and the motorized stop moves to the correct position.  A green light signals the operator that the stop is in position, ready for the cut.  

Accuracy is assured by digitally controlled servo motors, and multi point software calibration.

If you spend more than 6 hours a week cutting material to length, then a CHOP STOP will save you time and money.

The Chop Stop is suitable for use in these industries...



Window Making ( PVC and Vinyl)

Metal Working


How The Chop Stop Works

When the CHOP STOP is switched on, the stop moves slowly towards the saw, until it trips a homing switch. The stop then moves to a preset distance from the saw, and the bright LED display shows the cutting distance. To cut make a cut of a desired length, the operator simply types in the length, and presses the ENTER key. The Red indicator lamp on the controller will switch on, indicating that the stop is not in the correct position. The motorized stop will travel to the correct position, and the Green light will illuminate, indicating that the stop is in position. The operator is then able to cut the piece or pieces. It's that Easy!

Offsets for Mitre Cutting

The Chop stop has 8 programmable offsets, which are used when doing Mitre cuts when working from outside measures. The correct offset for each width of material being processed can be stored in one of the 8 programmable values. When a Mitre cut is made on a given material, the correct offset is selected from the keypad, and the CHOP STOP immediately adjusts its distance from the saw to compensate.

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