WaterJet Profile Cutting Controller

The Tommotek Profiling Controller has these advanced features specifically designed for high performance Waterjet Profile Cutting.

Automatic Material Thickness Sensing
The following diagram illustrates how the Automatic Material Sensing feature works. This feature permits easy setup for different thicknesses of materials, and reduces the skill needed to get successful results from the cutting machine. It assures exact initial height control of the lens. This sensing is automatically performed once at that beginning of each job, greatly reducing the risk of a nozzle crashing on the material being cut.

The Nozzle and Focusing Tube assembly is lowered by a lead screw and servo motor. When the tip of the Focusing Tube touches the material, the tube and its mounting plate (shown yellow) lower no further. The microswitch located on the mounting plate (shown blue) continues to lower, and when it strikes the side of the yellow mounting plate, a signal is sent to the controller indicating that the focusing tube is touching the material. The controller lifts the nozzle an amount set in the spooler to allow it the correct running clearance, and begins the profile cutting process.

Corner Slowdown

This feature ensures that maximum cutting speeds are possible when cutting straight lines, without compromising component quality on corners.

When cutting thick materials at high speed, the cutting face of the waterjet is not vertical, but slopes back a bit as shown in this illustration. When rounding a sharp corner at this speed, the edge of the product will not be vertical, but will be undercut as shown.

When the waterjet comes near the corner, the traversing is automatically reduced by a user defined amount. When leaving the corner, it remains at the slow speed to prevent back wash of the hjet undercutting the inside of the corner. This results in the cutting face returning to vertical, and good quality products being cut in the least amount of time.

Percentage Speed Override Control

At any time during the cutting process, the Operator is able to adjust the Profiling Speed by a percentage. This percentage override feature permits subsequent speed and power levels to be read from the plot files, and their value adjusted accordingly, to accomodate variations in material thickness and edge quality.