Plasma Cutter Controller

The Tommotek Profiling Controller has these advanced features specifically designed for high performance Plasma Cutting.

Initial Height Sensor Control
The following diagram illustrates how the Initial Height Sensor feature works. This feature ensures that the plasma or oxy torch is set to the correct height above the material before it begins to pierce and cut the material. This assures plasma ignition, even on warped material. This sensing is automatically performed at that beginning of each shape.

An air cylinder extends, lowering a sensing foot below the torch. The torch lowers until the sensing foot contacts the material. At this time, the air cylinder retracts, and the torch lowers the prescribed amount to position it to the correct height above the material for ignition.

Corner Slowdown

This feature ensures that maximum cutting speeds are possible when cutting straight lines, without compromising component quality on corners.

When cutting thick materials at high speed, the cutting face of the plasma is not vertical, but slopes back a bit as shown in this illustration. When rounding a sharp corner at this speed, the edge of the product will not be vertical, but will be undercut as shown.

When the plasma comes near the corner, the traversing speed and power level is automatically reduced by a user defined amount. This results in the cutting face returning to vertical, and good quality products being cut in the least amount of time.

Hand Held pause button allows operator to visually preheat material prior to cutting when using oxy cutting torch. Raise and Lower buttons allow torch height to be adjusted during the cutting to maintain correct torch clearance.

Real Time Power Level Control

At any time during the cutting process, the Operator is able to adjust the Plasma Power Level and Profiling Speed by a percentage. This percentage override feature permits subsequent speed and power levels to be read from the plot files, and their value adjusted accordingly, to accomodate variations in material thickness and edge quality.

Operator Adjustable Dwell Control

Operator adjustable dwell allows for penetration of plasma before cutting commences.


Torch Breakaway and Flame-Out Control

At any time during the cutting process, if the torch hits an object which causes it to break free from the Z axis, the controller will shut down the plasma power, stop the machine's motion, thereby preventing any damage to the torch and the work in progress.

If the plasma arc is lost during the cutting process, such as when the torch travels over the edge of the sheet, the controller wil automatically stop, waiting for operator intervention.