Engraving Controller

The Tommotek Profiling Controller has these advanced features specifically designed for high performance Engraving.

General Engraving Features

The TekMOV spooler can be configured to load and cut files as they are created, eliminating need to select the job by name from the Operator Interface. This is done without compromising the data transfer reliability assured by the Tekmov DNC link.

After the job has been cut once it can be re-cut repeatedly until new job is loaded by simply pressing the start button.

XY Speed Control while the job is cutting allows the operator to make adjustment to allow for tool bit sharpness and material variations

Upper Left Origin permits easy plate loading and unloading

Spindle Engraving Features

Material thickness sensor automatically senses the top of the material
Tool length sensor automatically locates end of toolbit This minimizes tool change setup time, and enables precise cutting to table bed

Autocad HPGL file parsing permits engraving from CAD programs

Nosecone Engraving Features

Fully Automatic Material Top Sensing

Automatic Material Top Sensing can be done using the configuration shown to the right. On the first tool down command in a plot file, the material top is sensed as follows...

As the Z axis lowers toward the material, it continues to lower until the nosecone touches the material, and the microswitch is opened by the rising trigger plate. At this time, the controller makes a note of the material top position, and adjusts the depth according to offset information stored in the spooler setup files.

"Quick Set Z" Manual Material Thickness Setting

For manual material thickness setting, the "Quick Set Z" mode is used. In this mode, the "SET XYZ" button is pressed, and the controller moves to first tool down position, and activates the Z axis jogging. The operator lowers the spindle to the top of the material, and presses the "RESET" button, setting the material thickness.