Brushless Servo CONTROLLER


Suitable for OEM or retrofits of heavy duty Profile Cutting machines including...

  • CNC Flatbed Routers
  • Surfboard making machines
  • Hot Wire and Abrasive Wire Cutting Machines
  • Heavy Duty Indexing and Measuring machine
  • Special Purpose Machines

This controller is suitable for 1 - 4 axis machines which drive brushless amplifiers powered by analog voltage controlled amplifiers. The embedded firmware can be stored in an EPROM or Flash Programmable EEPROM. For profile cutting applications, it is used with TekMOV firmware and ProfileLAB CAD/CAM software.

For special purpose machines, the controller can be used with or without the Operator Interface, and firmware can be embedded in either eprom or flash eeprom. Custom programming for special applications is available by contacting Tommotek.

Enclosure Options

Chassis Mount Controller

This configuration is suitable for use with custom enclosure, or retrofits where existing enclosure is to be re-used. (Single Axis chassis shown.)

Mid Sized Controller
(shown without Operator Interface)

This configuration is suitable for applications where the Operator Interface is located up to 3 meters away from the controller, and no small auxilliaries such as pneumatic solenoids, etc. have to be housed in the control box.

Integrated Controller

This configuration is suitable where the Operator Interface is located either at the controller, or up to 3 meters.

There is enough room in the control box to house large auxlliaries such as frequency inverters, brake resistors, pneumatics etc.

Operator Interface Options
Operator Interface with Analog Joystick, and 4 x 40 Graphical LCD Screen
Simple Operator Interface with Microswitch joystick and 2 x 20 LCD screen
For Special Puropose machines, Hyperterm or similar RS232 based Comms package.
Motor Options
  Various Brushless motors, with or without Gear reductions. Amplifier input signal should be +/- 10 volts. Consult factory for your application.